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I’m Heather, and I’m currently working toward my certification as a CAPPA labor doula, serving the Florida Panhandle, from Destin to Pensacola. I live in Navarre with my husband, Sandon, who is a member of the United States Air Force, our two boys – Rayner (3) and Doran (2) – and our Border Collie mix, Captain America Spiderman Thor (Thor, for short).

I had two beautiful hospital births, and I walked away from both feeling proud. Proud that I had written birth plans that were followed, proud that I asked questions and made decisions I felt good about, and proud that I have a husband that supported me as best he could. Every woman has a different vision for her birth, but those visions are important and should be attainable.

Anchored Birth Services was born of a desire to assist women in being active participants in births that they feel good about.